Vernal Equinox 2010

March 18, 2010

Lucifer, most beautiful conductor of music in all the universe.

We on this planet earth with all of our unique differences have a myriad of things in common. As we approach this year’s vernal equinox for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, a notable change is about to take place on March 20 at 1:32pm like the node of a sine wave whose frequency is one orbit around the sun.
The change of the seasons is a rhythm that we adhere to and is inescapable. Curiously, we have four distinct seasons that when related to the passing of time are like the beats of the time signature of the music of our solar system on one side of the Milky Way Galaxy. Is it a coincidence that the most common and popular time signatures in written music today are divisible by or multiples of four? If our grand musical time signature is 4/4 with one measure lasting a year, we can fit any time signature variations we would like and synchronize with our given larger framework.
As individuals with different rhythms that have begun at the moments of our creation, we are given the opportunity to become aware together and adjust our tempos to accent as one this beat in the symphony that we write and perform. Like an orchestra comprised of every living thing on the planet, our celestial sheet music calls for every instrument to play a note in the key of life.


Meditation And The Eyes

March 6, 2010

I used to think without thinking that my eyes had to be closed in order to withdraw from sight or to pull back from visual stimuli with the intent to meditate. At first, this seemed to work, immediately giving me a dark backdrop much like a green-screen for my mind’s imagination to roam freely and fluidly in synch with the desired effect of my introspection. But it didn’t take long before I began to question this, suddenly feeling uncomfortable with shutting my eyes. Sometimes my meditations brought about such epiphanies that my eyes shot open in wonderment, and I wanted the workings of my mind to operate equally successfully in a biological awake state, meaning I wanted to feel more aware and awake, with eyes open.

Trying it, I immediately found it was easy. I would focus on the area just in front of my eyes, about an inch and a half from my face. As soon as I did this, it felt like I was disabling my vision, shutting off my eyes while still keeping them open and being aware of my general visual surroundings on a lower level without being distracted by them. I made my visual backdrop with eyes open just as distracting as the dark backdrop with eyes closed, and could meditate while feeling naturally more aware and awake.

Now I have an option to either keep my eyes open or to shut them, whereas in the past I would only rely on closing my eyes. Either way, concentration is the goal, and I’ve learned more about liberating myself from visual stimuli both inward to the eye and outward by ceasing to look.