I began yoga in 2006, alone in a room every morning upon waking. The only yoga did was Metal Yoga. I don’t teach a class, I don’t go to a class, I just do what I do to this day. Through this blog, I began sharing it with many, and to my excitement, it has helped and touched many more.
The Metal Yoga Method is a program of elite fitness whose byproduct is realized spirituality, a natural consequence of being alive and well. The fitness results of the Metal Yoga Method depend solely on discipline and willpower to perform movements with the body while breathing properly. Proven exercise science techniques mirror the strength and stabilization exercises found in the Metal Yoga Method. Diet and nutrition are the prime focal points of this method, combined with physical exertion and relaxation that interweave the mind, the heart, and the body into a greater sense of living.

My practice is solitary. The things that you read about here are things that you can take with you to think about in your practice. Through experiencing what it is like to get up in the morning and have yoga be my daily entrance into each new day, I have continued to read texts on yoga philosophies, sharing any and all revelations here.

What brought me to yoga was a lifestyle begging for transformation. One day I stopped to look in the mirror, just like I would any other day, but this time I saw the reflection of a person I didn’t know. That was yoga. Deep inside, my core was screaming and my mind heard it loud and clear. I had not done anything yet, still looking in the mirror, but a point of conviction was my driving force from the first step I took away from my reflection. I was poised to lose 55 pounds, gain strength, feel healthier than I’ve ever felt before, eat healthy, and sleep and wake like a normal human being instead of being up all night and sleeping during the day like a vampire.

We all have day to day lives, interests, activities, jobs, and obligations that may or may not have anything to do with yoga. For our purposes here, let’s say they have nothing to do with yoga. In my experience, this is the most opportune scenario to introduce yoga into one’s life. This is how I discovered yoga, made it a part of my life, and through conscious awareness infused it into aspects of my daily activities in between times that I would give my practice my full undivided attention.

Music came before yoga, historically. When yoga was still being formulated, philosophically through experience, the world as we know it now in the context of mathematics and science was still unfolding. Music was a powerful and necessary study among all philosophies as a component that underlies the natural order of the universe and is a result of the working harmony of this order. So there is music, and along with music there can be yoga. Yoga internalizes this order and harmony of the universe and reflects it onto the human body through orderly motion. The result is that there is musical harmony around you, and there is musical harmony within you.

You can find me on tumblr, http://metalyoga.tumblr.com/ and we can now twatch each other @metalyoga. On FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Metal-Yoga/423007234382105
You can now order Official Metal Yoga Design items like T-shirts, coffee mugs, and water bottles at Cafepress.com/MetalYoga at no markup whatsoever; simply infusing the Metal Yoga lifestyle into your daily behavior while spreading the message that has been forgotten over generations in the modern world is the highest form of collective compensation to all, and as you continue to do so, I will continue to write within the parameters of such a purpose, constantly in a state of transformation.


25 Responses to “Metal Yoga Music”

  1. Jeffrey Puukka said

    Right on! — You capture this moment brilliantly. I feel like I was there. Good word craft.


  2. jill said

    Hi. I love your site. In the spirit of metal and mental converging…here’s a
    a video I hope inspires you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kb0NV8HzM8

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    • metalyoga said

      Actually, no, it’s not challenging at all to come up with fresh new topics. If I was ever to come up with the idea to blog about what Yoga clothes someone is selling and link to those items to create more shopping traffic to the seller’s website, I’d definitely have to pull my own plug.

  4. Hello,

    Love the spirit in which you speak about all aspects of yoga. I’m a yoga teacher in NYC and during my own private practice love to listen to metal of many kinds! 🙂 Thanks for revealing a new way in which to view a world usually associated with esoteric practices too far beyond the understanding of regular people. We are all the same regular people!!!

    If you ever need a guest blogger to share ideas with feel free to email me. Thanks for this work and be well!


  5. metalyoga said

    Glad to hear from another Metal Yoga practitioner! Understanding Metal lends itself to understanding those esoteric practices, making it more natural for us. I’ll keep you in mind to share ideas, especially since you have the perspective of the Yoga Teacher right here in NYC!

  6. Love your blog man! Would you be interested in exchanging links?

  7. Akim said

    Love the spirit in which you speak about all aspects of yoga. I’m a yoga teacher in NYC and during my own private practice love to listen to metal of many kinds! Thanks for revealing a new way in which to view a world usually associated with esoteric practices too far beyond the understanding of regular people. We are all the same regular people!!!

  8. I’m glad you didn’t decide to throw metal out of the window. People who have no idea what metal is are the ones who’d think it was that force keeping you “down”.

  9. G. Maguyon said

    Congratulations Metalyoga,

    Your blog has been selected as one of the Top Yoga Blogs for 2011 by HealthcareColleges.net!

    We’ve found your Blog posts to be extremely informative and engaging and we would like to present you with a Top Yoga Blogs badge that you can display on your site. To use your Badge, please visit our Awards page at http://www.healthcarecolleges.net/awards/top-yoga-blogs-2011-awards/ and simply copy/paste the code from your favorite badge into your own Blog’s HTML.

    Congratulations on your award and thank you for providing excellent Yoga information.

    The Staff at HealthcareColleges.net

  10. SteveSteve said

    I once thought metal and yoga were opposing forces. Yoga schools often make you feel that calm music is the only way. After I made peace with the fact that Metal music is a part of my human experience here ( i love it) and did not need to be separated, I realized I can even practice yoga while listening without feeling at all aggressive. And even if I did, why not just embrace it. Even anger is not necessarily bad and good often can come of it.

  11. Steve said

    …and thanks for having this site, which I just found!

  12. metalyoga said

    Thank you for expressing how you intimately relate to these concepts, Steve. What the world will slowly come to realize is that yoga is not anything that has to do with specific materials or locations, i.e. yoga mats, yoga clothes, yoga studios. The advanced yogic practitioner walks through every moment of life in the way of yoga, and can carry the experience gained in the personal practices of asana and meditation, and then act in the world with every step and word with that wisdom.

  13. Rachel said

    I don’t know where you are IRL, but if you ever make your way to San Francisco, you should totally check out Yoga Punx. http://yogapunx.com/classes/ We don’t always have punk rock setlist. Sometimes, it’s Full Metal Yoga.

  14. Wendy said

    LOVE! Your Blog. Captivating and informative. I love the idea of the merging of Metal and Yoga. I own a fitness studio in southern NJ and love the idea of offering Metal-Yoga as an option! We do use Metal along with other styles of music in our Rhythmic Dance class. Thanks for being YOU!

  15. Joan said

    Love your blog! We have been reading it for quite some time now and enjoy the new twist you provide…

    Wanted to provide you with a review of Yoga Astrology service which is like nothing ever provided before: http://www.fatesense.com – AND you get your past for Free!

  16. […] https://metalyoga.wordpress.com/about/ – I love the opening of this blog : “a lifestyle begging for transformation” and we see the […]

  17. Meka said

    This is awesome, and i dig the title aswell! doing yoga is something that cams me down, i always think, if you look good, you feel good (http://www.karmicfit.com/Product/ProductList/yoga-women-yoga-pants) thats why i bought new yoga pants, my sweats were just dragging me down! lol. Anyways, love your blog, keep up the awesome work.

  18. ACortez said

    I’ve just came across your blog today and I’m really happy to know that I am not alone in this dual love for yoga and metal! Thanks, I will keep on following you.

  19. Samantha said

    Glad I found this blog. Your words resonate with me. Looking forward to reading more.

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