Patience Of The Ages

December 31, 2012


SagittariusYoga as a revelation of absolute truth to the individual through personal experience is its greatest attribute, but it doesn’t end there. Most disturbingly, most so-called practitioners don’t even get to the starting line to participate in the race, so to speak. If I had any say in the matter, I would like to change that. This would happen when one is lying prostrate, in full awareness with eyes closed in full relaxation; this only happens when one is no longer there, but everywhere, and everyone, no one person in particular. This happens without thought, so if you are thinking, you’ve failed. This happens in savasana.

zodiac-constellation-800x800One of life’s most important lessons may be the understanding that you are everything that you aren’t. What this means is that through your gifts of consciousness and physical mobility, you are in a very special category of life on this earth with choices of what you can do and not do, and you are responsible for every last one of them. You are not a rock, not a tree, not the wind, yet contained within you are all of these things and more; you are free to move on your own, unlike the rock. You are free to stand up and walk about, unlike the tree, and you are free to stand still in motionlessness, unlike the wind. You can be taken apart, deconstructed, to be like any of these things, and one day you will be. But right now, you are all these things and more.220px-Beit_Alpha


Remember that you are not you, you are not only the name and face used to identify you in society, you are everything, and your body is a magnificent gift given to you to free the rock and the tree and the wind to do the things they couldn’t do, even within our personal unique limitations. This gift will not last long, it will be gone like the flash of lightning that leaves its mark in an instant and recedes. Our lives can be summed up as lightning in super slow motion, advancing and receding, touching down onto the earth, rising up to the sky. Now go and do what you are meant to do on this earth.

Tomorrow will be the first day of the new year. I will be with roughly ten thousand other people at Coney Island beach in NY to jump into the ocean and float on the water while I contemplate all of the above and more not with my mind, but with my heart. Maybe I’ll see you there.