You Are Nothing

May 17, 2011

Matter is composed chiefly of nothing. This was realized long ago at Cambridge University in England, when the nature of the atom was first understood. We live in a very exciting time when science and technology speak in parallel with ancient philosophies thousands of years old commenting on the observed nature of our surroundings and the spirituality that results from this experience. When Carl Sagan said, “If you wish to bake an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe”, in that one short sentiment he summarizes my last post about seeing the divinity in every single thing that exists. To a person who doesn’t have an awareness of a divine creator, an apple pie is just an apple pie. At most, it is the sum of the parts of the apple pie that were laid out in front of the person baking it. To an aware individual, looking at an apple pie is the same as looking billions of years through time into the distant past at stars that were born and had already died and were responsible for creating the elements that humans categorized on the periodic table, of which all known matter is composed. Which, as it turns out, is chiefly nothing.


You are your own creator

March 16, 2011

I learned a long time ago that this world was created expressly for me. I mean it was created completely and totally for me to experience and control and live in and enjoy all of its rewards. How does this work exactly? Well, that means you are put here, along with everything else in this world, for me to enjoy and do with as I wish. The beauty of this is that the universe is harmoniously complex and is set up for the very same to be true for you and everyone and everything in it. It’s not a one way street, but rather a balanced sharing of all the gifts of being alive in our present forms, connecting us all and giving limitless potential. The next time you feel this is not true, ask yourself what the limiting thoughts are that got you there and get rid of them. You have all the answers to all of your questions and know everything there is to know. Just ask yourself for anything and you will have it. It is all staring you right in the face.
Searching for happiness? List the things that are making you unhappy and remove them from your life, be happy. Want money? Take steps toward making money by asking yourself why you either don’t have money or aren’t making money, and remove the monetary obstacles or sabotaging behaviors. These are boring, cliché examples, but people ask for these things as responses to the wants and desires of the material world.
You are not separate from your surroundings. If you live your life thinking you are separate from everything around you, you are destined for a lonely, unhappy existence, with a fearful view of death.
The next time you meditate or close your eyes before sleep, be aware of your nurturing surroundings. They are there to serve you because they are you. Just like you are conditioned to think you are the body you inhabit and no more, extend that conditioning to your goals and environment, and move and use them the way you would move and use your arm or leg. Make yourself as large as the universe and be everything you want to be.