The World Ends Today

May 21, 2011

Why is the world ending today, you ask? Because some man read it in a book, in English, that was written thousands of years ago, not in English, to tell the story of what happened thousands of years before that. The world isn’t ending today because someone observed through connection with nature a collection of indicators informing of the end of the world, because that, as we all know, would not only be unreliable, but not the way God works. Humans are the most important beings on this planet, and what is written in an ancient tome for other humans to read and understand about the way the world works, no matter how out of date with the advance or decline of civilization, must certainly be the closest to truth—especially when shrouded by the validating mysteries of numerology.

Every other living thing on Earth, apart from humans, cannot read, so they definitely are unaware of the end of the world today. The rest of planet Earth is like your pet dog or cat or goldfish that has no idea what is going on until it actually happens; you can plan and talk about that trip in the car for over three hours for days on end, but Fifi won’t know she’s going in the travel tote until the tote comes out of the closet. When the world ends, the world according to man, it ends for man, and the rest of the world fits into a handy suitcase, or hand basket.


2 Responses to “The World Ends Today”

  1. My daughter was at school (we home school four days per week and she attends an alternative school one day per week). She is 14 and highly intelligent, socially adept, and all in all wonderful. however, her critical thinking filter leaves something to be desired.

    More than one kid at school told her that the world was going to end. How could more than one human being be wrong? So, she didn’t mention it to me until just before bed time when she burst into sobs…even though she’s a hormonal teen, this is not typical behaviour for her.

    When faced with the decision I had to make about what to tell her, I opted for the ‘world could end any day, year, or eons from now, but we’ll never truly know when it is going to happen or if it is even ever going to happen. I talked about not living in fear and had her close her eyes and imagine herself blinking her eyes and waking in her itnerpretation of ‘heaven’ with her entire soul group.

    It took her awhile to process this, but it seemed to work. I then sat in a central location so that all of my kids could hear my voice and helped them go to sleep with a guided relaxation. In it I included some ideas guiding them towards putting their positive beliefs and energy towards their desired outcome so that they could feel like they have some small control over their existence.

    It was daunting to face, honestly. What do I do, say the world will never end? Hmmm…so, I chose my version of the truth. Shit happens and as long as you lead a positive life filled with compassion, you’ll be fine and even if you don’t, you’ll likely be forgiven and still be fine.

    Seemed to work…just my 2 cents…well, maybe 20 cents:-)

  2. Now, it was moved to October by that same person! But seriously, it is one of those things that you can never really tell by reading patterns of clues and signs from ancient text. I would think, that if and when the world ends, it would all take us by surprise, or it would be a slow, erosion of the planet’s resources.

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