Hi, I’m An Atheist, And I’m Stupid

April 28, 2011

I don’t believe in God. I don’t have to believe in God. Have you ever looked down at the ground to see grass? Do you have to believe in grass? Beneath the grass have you ever looked at the earth and thriving ecosystem in the grass and the earth, the small creatures like ants, aphids, flies, mosquitos, worms, and bees? Do you have to believe in them? I see God everywhere my eyes and mind can possibly go.

Atheists have it all wrong. But so do the bible thumpers. These are like two extremes that couldn’t be any more different, any more in opposition. I can understand why it seems enticing to be an Atheist, especially if there is disdain for religion. It’s like being a Satanist, but being PC about it. The problem here is that if you really are an Atheist, your logical thinking brain is telling you that there is no God. That means that as an Atheist you don’t see God anywhere, in anything, in anyone. This still makes sense to me if the God you are looking for is an old man in a toga with a long white beard sitting on a throne above a cloud. The God that doesn’t exist could also be the one somehow described or characterized in whatever religion there is disdain for, and at least that an Atheist has exactly right: that God certainly doesn’t exist.

But what of seeing divinity in every single thing that exists? If this hasn’t yet been revealed to one confident and proud to call him or herself an Atheist, well, then that is the definition of Atheist! The definition is one who has not yet seen or can’t understand that God is everywhere, in everything, in everyone, is everything. I certainly would not walk around calling myself someone who is proud of understanding that I am short of understanding, but that is what the Atheist does, and most probably unknowingly. This is difficult to swallow because the knowledgeable and thinking brain is what leads one to be skeptical of any God, so it can’t be that there is a lack of understanding; lack of understanding is the hallmark of the one who is led by faith. So, one can say that he or she just doesn’t care.

The scary thing is that these are basically the same concepts that the proselytizer uses to get you to accept a religion, or Jesus, or what or whomever. They say things like, “Let him reveal himself to you”, or “once you accept Jesus as your savior”. The power of love is amazing. It requires no belief in any gods or God, it is religionless. I’m talking about unconditional love, not conditional love which is focused on some object or subject or external thing or person, even the idea of Jesus or God as some kind of paternal entity to Jesus. Many people have a misconception about what the definition of God is, and the head of a religious community may reference a God that I absolutely don’t recognize. In that sense, I certainly would proudly call myself an Atheist; maybe Atheists have it all right.


6 Responses to “Hi, I’m An Atheist, And I’m Stupid”

  1. “But what of seeing divinity in every single thing that exists?” ~ metalyoga

    This statement captures the essence of my belief system….I see divinity in you…from my heart to yours, Joy

  2. well, assigning a quality (stupid) to people and then attacking them for said quality, isn’t logic at all – it’s the strawman fallacy

    you are also presuming a lot that you are right and are using religious bully tactics to demonstrate that you are right – by infantalizing and demonizing and name calling those you don’t see as having it right

    so then, you have to ask yourself, if you really are right, why do you have to be a jerk about it?

    • metalyoga said

      For someone with a lot to say, you either didn’t read past the title, or you have a comprehension issue that causes you to write words that have nothing to do with my post. Let’s try again.

  3. Christian Baker said

    Classic Tapper.

  4. maurice said

    Religion has many pundits, the problem is none of them are right and all of them are wrong, their basis of their argument has nothing to do with fact and everything to do with fiction. Science on the other hand focuses on findings that prove religion falls short when it comes to the creation of man and our earth, (the only known planet out of hundreds upon thousands that can sustain life) yet all of us seem rather eager to damage our surroundings to a degree that we may no longer live and enjoy what has been created, and for that I blame science. Man has in the blink of an eye all but wiped away what has been millions of years to create,the perfect environment to sustain life. People of religion are waiting for some sort of miracle to validate their claim on all man, yet they fail to see miracles all around them, our very own bodies process foods, filter out toxins, absorb nutrients, we hydrate, we excrete, we secrete we procreate, and communicate, we are the miracle, and so is every living creature on this planet, and mother nature provides everything we need to survive. The question remains, is this a divine creation or is the creation divine? The answer has yet to reveal itself to me, each of us has an opinion but remember all of us are wrong and none of us are right.

    • metalyoga said

      Religion and science, somehow always at odds! Science and mathematics too, are religion, based on reason, with requirements of proof to state facts, rather than faith. Modern society has outgrown the ancient texts of religions, they are incongruent to life today, written too long ago and based on mythologies that we don’t feel a connection to. Man has been here a short time, to our understanding, and with the psychological adaptations to nature has been talking and dreaming up gods for millennia. Science is truth now to those found without religion, the godless religion. Opinion is definitely a road away from truth, and mere observation without opinion is closer to truth. And then there are politics…

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