Satanism Yoga

April 18, 2011

Are you one who believes in cultivating the self, the importance of individualism, enlightenment, and the enhancement and improvement of oneself by personal education, experiment, and initiation? If so, you could be a Satanist ā€“ or one who practices Yoga. Actually, no sane person believes that Yoga is Satanism or vice versa, but using these general, vague concepts that are born of human nature, a Venn diagram would look rather convincing, especially to Christians in opposition to both sets.

Satanism is a group of religions whose shared feature include symbolic association with Satan or similar rebellious, promethean, and liberating figures. That statement was taken from Wikipedia. So far, it sounds a lot like Hinduism. I mean, instead of Satan, you could say Kali, Siva, Vishnu, Narasimha, or any other deity that is characterized with frightening power. Theistic Satanism may include the usage of meditation and self expansion. Sound familiar?

Luciferianism is an auxiliary movement of Satanism that some reject, arguing that Lucifer is a more positive and easy-going ideal than Satan, considered as the “light bearer”, an illuminated aspect of Satan. Luciferians are inspired by the ancient myths of Egypt, Rome and Greece, Gnosticism, along with traditional Western occultism.

Laveyan Satanism, although widely popularized by The Satanic Bible and being overseen by the Church of Satan, is described by as a small religious group whose members exhibit kindness to their friends and attack their enemies, while feeling free to satisfy their urges responsibly. They are Atheists, Agnostics, and Apatheists who regard Satan as a symbol of man’s inherent nature.

In music, Pseudo-Satanism is used for shock value. This can be described as a casual, or adolescent satanism, using symbols like the inverted pentagram and demonic imagery to provide the impression of satanism. Authentic Satanists would call them cute.

Now let’s get to this thing called Yoga. Why even make this comparison? For starters, Yoga is taking the world by storm more than ever. Is this a threat to religion? No, not at all. Should you be skeptical of it? Absolutely! The point is that just because you carry a mat on your back like a gymnastic samurai and participate in classes that are built upon a philosophy that includes non-violence, non-possessiveness, purity, and restraint, doesn’t mean you won’t give in to habit and human nature at the smallest threat or attack on the ego outside of the yoga studio. Let’s face it, most people are doing asana because it’s physical activity in an otherwise sedentary lifestyle, and meditation, let alone enlightenment, is an elusive mystery.

Your identity, your character, is not defined by trends. You are not your yoga outfit. External gurus don’t exist. Serve your true nature. If you’re okay with being part of the pseudo-satanist movement of Yoga, what else will you be okay with?


6 Responses to “Satanism Yoga”

  1. Diane said

    Devil with Drishti.

  2. msaxxy said

    I am so excited to have found your blog. Over the past five years I have really come to rely on metal music. It’s insights into the human condition, it’s intelligence and articulation…all of it resonate more deeply with me than other types of music. I get asked quite frequently how I can do yoga and listen to metal…get called a “black yogi” at times. And really, you’ve nailed it here. It seems like many yogi’s forget about Kali and Drishti and Durga, but it’s all about a balance. AUM itself means creation, destruction and the energy that sustains throughout. I feel like a more balanced individual being a metal yogi than most yogi’s out there who refuse to recognize the “other” emotions, the “bad” emotions. They seem like incomplete human beings ignoring the full spectrum of the human condition. Anyway, cheers to your blog and I look forward to reading more!

    • metalyoga said

      Metal Yoga! Thank you for being another embodied reason for me to continue to write in the hopes of like-minded individuals uniting in the power of Metal Yoga. It’s an undeniable experience, and knowing there are others that share in this experience so deeply is what keeps me from staying silent.

      • msaxxy said

        Please continue to write more. It’s such a powerful experience and not shared by many…at least not around me. I do have to admit, I am a yoga “instructor” and I do often times put metal music on my play lists. Not the overtly metal that would upset the non “metal yogi’s” in the class (and probably the studio), but light metal. Right now I end on Karl Sanders, Of the Sleep of Ishtar…not incredibly metal, but he himself is pretty damn metal. Always fun to weave metal heads into playlists to condition the unknowing šŸ™‚

  3. the truth said

    My friends, yoga is only the mask. What is underneath…. the very dark….You are sipping wine with demons. Seeking enlightenment through the darkness, you become self absorbed and dont’ realize that you are allowing demons to take you. Seek the light and you will find the truth, there is only one truth. It is not through Satan.

  4. metalyoga said

    Thank you, the truth, for your vaguely uninspiring words that themselves serve only a hollow shell of self-absorbed purpose stemming from personal judgement without positive guidance. Perhaps you can rephrase your sentiment with more practical ideas and specific instruction? Surely, Satan would feel himself challenged by such a threat to his work.

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