You Were Born Perfect

April 12, 2011

Take that fact in. Say it to yourself. Know it. Believe it because it is true. Between your birth and now you’ve learned a lot. You’ve put things in your mind that have taken you to action. Some of those things may have led to you having a feeling of having gone farther from a place of perfection. This is true in the sense that you were born innocent and unspoiled, perfect! If you are on a quest of any kind that should bring you to a place of feeling satisfaction from being closer to perfection, or less imperfect, stop! You’ve made it. More clearly, you’ve already made it without effort the day you were born. If you don’t believe that, it’s because you’ve been told to believe all the reasons that you think it’s not a reality.

Speaking of reality, if you’re reading this and claim to know anything about Yoga, what do you know about reality and illusion? One of the most important aspects of understanding life in this illusory world of time and space is knowing that we view our world in time-slices. We can only experience moments that lead to other moments. Life is a string of moments. This is the illusion that leads us to believe things about ourselves that simply aren’t true. For example, believing the illusion, you can be something right now, but not something else right now, because of dualistic contradictions. For example, you can’t be tall if you’re short, and you can’t be awake if you’re asleep. ¬†Outside of the illusion (beyond the wall Maya) where all of time exists all at once and not in a string of moments, you are perfect now as you were before, and you are all things. Now see the obstacles that have been put in your life between your effortless perfection and any false notion that has you believing the lie. To prove it to yourself, all you have to do is remove everything, one by one, that has distanced you from your initial state of perfection, and you will be now just as you were then, perfect. But you don’t have to actually do anything if you aren’t stubborn; it’s your perception that has to change if you don’t believe, and if you are the most stubborn, it will take the most effort for you to change your perception.

Go and participate in every moment knowing you are already perfect. Or, don’t and wait until you die and see it for yourself then when you shed this body enclosed in the world of three dimensions and time. Either way, it’ll happen, so don’t worry. Do you have what it takes to realize it now?


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