November 4, 2010

When it is time for you to die, will your heart be consumed by a monster as it is weighed heavy with matters of the earth? I was born a crotchety old man. My baby pictures prove it: I looked like Yoda. I could barely keep my head up during the photo shoot I was so weak. I came out early because I just couldn’t take it anymore, the waiting. Ever since I’ve been getting stronger and younger, and now that I’m here I have immeasurable patience. By the time I was 24 years old I looked 44, so I was on the right track. By the age of 35 I appeared to be in my twenties. I know it will be time for me to leave this earth when I start to get it just right and I look exactly my age. But even then I may be around for a long time because I didn’t come here to just sit around playing with my appearance. I have loves, and that is my purpose. You can tell who your best friends are because they are the ones who expect only that from you that you love to do. Everything else is the wrong path. The mask of society puts to you the tasks it wants so that it can thrive, and if that is your love, go with society. Otherwise, cut off your head and walk around holding it before you for all to see in horror and disgust.


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