October 15, 2010

On our way to samadhi, as humans, there is one most important thing that needs to be understood, clarified, and therefore lived. There is no separation between ourselves and anything or anyone else. Once this comes into focus as a natural point in the mind, and every waking moment is lived remembering and knowing this, acting in a way that this unity of all is apparent, then the life of a Yogi begins to unfold. What this really means in terms of understanding is that Purusha, the Cosmic Intelligence, is what we are, and it is not something separate and removed from us. What matter we are composed of is the least fine matter, the gross matter, which came after Purusha; we were born, exploded out of Purusha, the finest matter that we are composed of, and the science of Yoga teaches us how to stabilize the fine matter that we are, becoming alive in it the way we are already comfortable being alive in our bodies composed of the less fine matter.

The whole material world is really a field of interplay and interaction of innumerable energies. When they are solidified you call it matter, and when not solidified, you call it energy. Einstein made this famous in the scientific world with E=mc2. When energy is not differentiated, you call it space, and beyond space and emptiness or Akasha remains the fountain, the absolute ground of existence, the Purusha. The Purusha and the Prakriti (the Seer and the Matter) exist in you and me on a tiny scale, and as the scale of the cosmos grows larger out from around us, it exists in an ever-increasing bigger form.

Yoga teaches that the goal of human life, our purpose for living, is to understand the nature of Reality. This means understanding the role of matter, understanding the role of energies, and understanding the essence of Intelligence. We human beings feel we are in bondage, slaves of matter, prisoners of mind and thought. There is no slavery, there is no prison house, it is only ignorance. In shedding that ignorance, dissolving it, you can undergo purification and transformation, beginning at the point of perception, beginning at the sense organ level.

This is the point of Asanas and Pranayama. In purifying the mental is the point of Yama and Niyama. For purifying the extra-sensory is Dharana. For the transformation in the whole content of sensory, extra-sensory, and mental, is Dhyanam, or Meditation. With the culmination of this process of purification into Dhyanam or Meditation descends Samadhi, or the transformed consciousness, the last phase. So your mutation into the transformed consciousness is caused by Meditation, which is the stabilizer of your purification that has ascended you through the gross matter existence of your being as Samadhi descends upon you.

Remember that Meditation is the non-doing, and your purification gets stabilized in relaxation, just as the health of the body stabilizes during sleep. For example, eating the best food, doing the best exercises in the world, if you are unable to sleep then there is no health because all that you had acquired through nutrition, exercise, and even positive mindset, it has to stabilize in sleep; it has to percolate throughout each level of the body, the whole metabolism, for you to feel rejuvenated and refreshed. It is the same in Meditation, it stabilizes, rejuvenates, and revitalizes.

Back to the understanding and awareness, which are the finest possible energies available to us, they have to become stabilized, and this is done through Meditation, and in the fusion of the Purusha element, the element of intelligence contained in the human body and the intelligence contained in the cosmos as a whole, there is no separation. They are fused together, no more differentiated. At this point the differentiation was an idea, all in the human mind. That is the state of “Kaivalyam”, that is the culmination of Yoga.


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