Breaking Tradition

February 3, 2010

Yoga and the western world, although ultimately positive and spiritually enriching for masses of people that otherwise may not have had such an experience, is still not as a whole the yoga of the far east. And, that’s perfectly ok, and it can exist here with most of its values and goals intact while moving away from traditional philosophy. Because this is a world thousands of years later, some aspects of our world seem to have to be married with yoga for more people to reap the rewards of being aware of what it is on any level. This in itself is a complex subject that is exposed most easily in the relationship between yoga related products created for profit and the actual intention behind what the essence of yoga is. Since we here in the west embrace this core difference wholeheartedly for the sake of the experience, or in ignorance of the dichotomy, in the shadow of this embrace many other lesser movements away from tradition can be made without apprehension for the greater good, and that is where I make my case for the introduction of sounds and music into your practice that may not be considered traditional as long as it benefits you.


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